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About ImagiLux

Who We Are

We are a team of people who celebrate design and care about aesthetics.

Every detail, from the visual to technical, is planned and handled with extreme care. Our goal is to continually learn about new ways to meet our customers’ needs. We create LED light panels by hand that are built to last.

ImagiLux relies on the brilliance and creativity of its amazing team to create unique projects that shine and inspire. Our employees are passionate, inventive, and deeply invested in customer satisfaction. We celebrate the invaluable contributions of our designers, builders, and engineers by providing a supportive, receptive, and flexible work environment that fosters personal and professional satisfaction, balance, and growth.


What We Make

Our made-to-order LED light panels offer remarkably versatile lighting solutions for public and private spaces. With their energy-efficient design, hot-spot reducing technology, and cool operating temperature, ImagiLux panels are ideal for a wide range of backlighting applications, including stained glass, natural stone, retail displays, and signage.

The composition of our panels gives us remarkable flexibility in devising systems to meet our customers' needs. Our acrylic-bodied panels can be cut and shaped into almost any configuration and size, including curved displays heat-contoured to the specifications of your unique installation. We currently offer four color temperatures: warm white 3000K, soft white 4000K, natural white 5700K, cool white 6500K, and a variety of plug-in and hard-wired dimming options.

What We Value

Who We Serve

  •  Quality. We are committed to creating projects impeccable in their functionality and design. We take pride in holding our work to a higher standard, and we seek to work with clients who share our project goals.
  • Service. We are determined to bring customers' dreams to life. From kitchen rennovations to commercial installations, we do not consider a project complete until we are assured that our client is absolutely delighted.
  • Education. We believe that information sparks the imagination. We strive to create resources that inspire customers to integrate custom LED panels into their homes, galleries, stores, and beyond.
  • Alacrity. Whether you are building or reshaping your space, we know that time is always of the essence. Our US-based location enables us to complete most projects within 7-10 business days.
  • Community. We are an American company proud to offer manufacturing jobs in our hometown of Eugene, Oregon. True to our Pacific Northwest roots, hard work, grit, and determination drive the ImagiLux brand.
  • Humanity. People drive every step of the ImagiLux project creation process, from your first phone call to the delivery of your finished, one-of-kind product in its handmade, customized protective packaging.


Our customers are all treated equally, whether you’re an independent homeowner making DIY improvements, or a large-scale hotel with custom elevator lighting needs. Here at ImagiLux, every customer is important.

ImagiLux is proud to work with:

  • B2B and B2C clients
  • Small business and large organizations
  • Solar power technicians
  • Homeowners and contractors
  • Artists and gallery owners
  • DIY home improvement enthusiasts
  • Architects and interior designers
  • Stone shop resellers
  • Corporate retail sign designers
  • Elevator and RV designers


How to Get Started

Ready to explore how ImagiLux can help bring your unique lighting vision to life? Want informed, expert answers to your LED installation or application questions?

Our full-service team of Imagi-Luminaries would love to chat with you!


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