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The Incredibly Simple—but Remarkably Versatile—Custom LED Light Panel

ImagiLux Team | July 26, 2017

Few lighting products are as useful in the repertoire of a well-versed architect or designer as the custom LED light panel.

Landis bathroom featuring ImagiLux LED backlit tile

The high quality and varied characteristics of light from an LED light panel offer a nearly limitless list of creative options. As a component product, the ImagiLux LED light panel is expressly designed for integrated applications.

From cutting-edge interior design and decor to the routine LED retrofitting of existing backlighting systems, the range of use of the panels is only limited by the vision and experience of the architect or designer. ImagiLux engineers work with architects and designers to ensure that creative vision is realized—and proper installation procedures are followed by electricians, contractors and installers.

 Unlike others, ImagiLux LED light panel illumination is visibly even across the full face of the panel. Light from the edge-mounted LEDs is projected and reflected to the face of the optical grade acrylic in a seamless glow using particles encapsulated within the acrylic itself. There are no glaring grid lines, no bright dot patterns nor linear etchings to distract—or require increased distance for diffusion. Just a clear, smooth face emitting soft, yet welcomingly bright light.

ImagiLux LED light panels manufactured in Eugene, ORFew items can draw such immediate attention to themselves, or just as easily remain in the background while making their point and presence felt with understated elegance. Whether you choose to use ImagiLux custom LED panels in a manner expected, or push the boundaries with your own creative interpretations, you will find a ready and willing partner with ImagiLux.

ImagiLux LED light panels are built to spec for each job right here in Eugene, Oregon. They are available in nearly any size or shape, and in a range of color temperatures and custom options. Expert engineers and designers ensure integration into your design is the easy part. That leaves the most rewarding part—the creativity—up to you.




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ImagiLux Team on July 26, 2017

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