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here are some of the most Frequently Asked questions about Imagilux and our custom Led panels

General FAQs

What are you panels used for?

Our light panels are typically used in backlighting applications and much more. Browse our Gallery for project applications and inspiration!

What is an LED light panel?

Check out our Resources page to learn about our panels!

Why should I work with ImagiLux?

We are located in the USA and manufacture our panels right here on site. Our high-quality panels can be cut or designed to accomodate projects of almost any flat shape or size. We offer fast turnaround times, intelligent and passionate customer service, and competitive pricing. Our engineers and designers work together to ensure that each custom project provides enduring beauty and functionality for all who interact with it. Learn more About ImagiLux.

How soon can I get my custom panels?

Once we have your order details (it's part of the quote), we can get your panels created and in your hands faster than anyone else. We make them here in Oregon, so in some cases, we can give you a same-day quote and ship your panels within a week! Larger, more complex jobs can take longer, but we excel in delivering orders on a deadline. 

Do you offer design support?

Yes we do! We're here to help you solve your problems - and our expertise in many varied applications with LED panels can be invalable to you. We've handles LOTS of different projects, and we're pretty creative, so don't hesitate to Contact Us if you have design or retrofit questions...we love a challenge!

What about customer service?

Our clients are all treated like friends. We are here to help you make your project a success. From the first time you speak with us, you'll see what we mean. We're not here just to sell you panels. We're here when you need us, and we know when to speak up with helpful advice, too. When you partner with ImagiLux, we work as a team, and you are a part of it!

What size panels do you build?

The smallest panel we typically make is 3” by 3.5” but we can go smaller on a case by case basis...just ask! Right now, the largest single panel we can make is 119.75” x 59.75”. If you need to light a larger area, we’d love to help you configure a multi-panel solution!

Do you have stock sizes ready to ship?

No, all of our light panels are built to order, but we pride ourselves in our quick turnaround times, so please don't hesitate to reach out to see what we can do for you!

Can I get sample panels?

Yes. We have 9” x 9” sample panels, each featuring a dimmer and plug-in power supply that shows all 4 of the color temperatures we currently offer. They sell for $75.00, which includes shipping and will be credited back to you upon your first order with us.

What is the price per square foot?

Pricing is based on the components it takes to build each custom panel. We cannot provide a flat per-square-foot rate since panels of different geometries will generally have different component counts even if the square footage is the same. Please contact us for a quote accurately tailored to your specific project needs!

Do you provide the power supplies / ballasts / transformers / dimmers?

Yes. We offer an extensive line of both dimming and non-dimming power supplies to fit your application. We can supply both hard-wired (installed by an electrician) and plug-in (just plug it into an outlet) options. You can check out the power supply diagrams on our Resources page for more information.

Does ImagiLux offer payment terms?

Since all panels are custom and made to order, we require full payment to initiate production.

What are the advantages of LED light panels?

The benefits of ILX panels include:

  • Thin design
  • Custom shapes
  • Custom sizes
  • Low heat
  • Energy savings
  • 50,000 hour life
  • Low maintenance
  • Dimming options
  • Beautifully enhance whatever you backlight


What can I customize (e.g. power tail exits, shape, framing, etc.)?

Size, shape, cut outs, pre-drilled holes, power tail exit location, power tail length, power connectors, dimming, and more.  

Does the panel come with a frame?

Our light panels are frameless, but we do offer a Snap Frame as an optional accessory.

How long can the power tail be?

Our standard power tail is 72 inches long. We can offer shorter power tails and longer ones up to 120 inches using our standard wire. If you require a longer power tail, give us a call and we can create a solution for you.

Can I customize the panel thickness?

Not at this time - the acrylic used in our panels is 8mm thick and the complete light panel is under ⅜” thick.

Can I customize panel color and correlated color temperature (CCT)?

The panel color is not customizable, but the color temperature is. We currently offer:

  • Warm White 3000K
  • Soft White 4000K
  • Natural White 5700K
  • Cool White 6500K
Where can I have my power tail exit the panel?

You can have the power tail exit either coming off of the edge or the back of the panel. You can customize the location of where it exits the panel. We can offer guidance to ensure the best solution for your needs. 

How long do custom orders usually take?

Typically, production is 7-10 business days after order approval.

What if I need my panel in less than 7-10 business days?

Depending on our current production queue, rush orders can be accommodated with a 20% surcharge.

Where can I see examples of custom projects?

Check out our "Project Gallery" to see some our finished work. 

Can we illuminate the drop edges or aprons of a countertop?

Yes! Please contact us for more details.

When should a diffuser be used?

A diffuser should be used when the material being backlit is fairly translucent or has any areas you can see through.  A diffuser is also recommended if you want to backlight a shelving unit. In order to protect the light panel from unsightly, scratch-induced hot spots, a diffuser should not be used as the finished illuminated surface.


What does your warranty cover?

Limited Warranty: ImagiLux (“the Manufacturer”) fully warrants that the products shall have no defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and proper installation for a period of three years from the date of the original purchase (proof of purchase is required). The complete remedy and entire liability under this warranty will be for repair or replacement at the manufacturer’s discretion. The above warranty shall not apply to product defects resulting from:

  1. Improper installations or maintenance
  2. Damage during shipping or installation
  3. Damage from hazardous materials or improper environment
  4. Use of an unspecified power adapter and voltages other than what the Manufacturer recommends
  5. High voltage surges
  6. Use of product outside of recommended uses
  7. Failure to follow product instructions and/or installation guidelines
  8. Product being disassembled
  9. Natural disaster or other acts of God

No other warranty of any kind is made unless expressly provided herein. We disclaim all other warranties expressed or implied, including implied warranties of merchantability of fitness for a particular purpose, other than those warranties implied by, and incapable of exclusion under applicable law. Any such implied warranties, which may be required by law and are not disclaimed hereby are limited to the extent permitted by law to the applicable period of this limited warranty or specified duration of such implied warranties under applicable law, whichever is shorter. We do not accept liability beyond the remedies provided for in this limited warranty or for incidental or consequential damages. Our liability will be no more than the amount you paid for the product that is the subject of a claim. This is the maximum amount for which we may be responsible.

Why is it important that your panels are made in the USA?

Keeping the panel design and manufacturing process here in the USA enables us to control product quality, reduce turnaround times, and minimize shipping time and costs.

What are your certifications?

The light panel is a UL Recognized component for the USA and Canada, file number E464618. We are also a UL48 listed sign shop.

What’s the CRI of your panels?

Our panels have a CRI of at least 85.

How do I prevent my LEDs from overheating?

Our panels do not typically overheat because the individual require little power to function relative to other artificial light sources. No additional precautions are needed in a typical indoor environment. It is a good idea to keep them away from external heat sources.

What are hot spots? And how do I hide or eliminate them?

There are several types of hot spots. Hot spots are localized bright areas on the panel. 

Hot spots caused by the LEDs along the edges and can be hidden by covering them up by placing a ½” frame or trim work around the border of the panel. They can also be reduced using our proprietary NDF technology. Another way to reduce hot spots is to leave space between the panel and the object being illuminated.

Hot spots can also be caused by scratches on the panel face. These kinds of defects can be avoided by handling with care during installation and removing the protective film at the last possible moment. In order to protect the panels from scratches in everyday use, we recommend that the panel is covered with another surface such as the backlit object or diffuser to provide adequate protection.

Hot spots can be caused when adhesive or silicone is placed on the face of the panel. To alleviate these issues, we recommend not using any type of adhesive or silicone on the face of the panel.

Will I see the seams between panels mounted next to each other?

We will work with you to find the best solution for your application. We strive to eliminate seams in your finished project.

Can I drill holes in the panels after I get them?

We recommend that, if needed, holes be drilled during the assembly process. If drilled after receipt of the panel, the warranty will become null and void.


What do I need to know before I order?

Here is what we need from you to get a quote/order started:

  • Dimensions
  • The application and what is being backlit (pictures help, along with thickness of material)
  • Desired color temperature
  • Whether you would like a hard-wired or plug-in power supply
  • Power tail exit
  • Power cable length
  • Dimming requirements
  • If you need a diffuser (Not sure? Photos of your project material and location can help us deterimine whether or not a diffuser would be needed.)
  • Panel mounting method
  • If pre-drilled holes will be required for mounting or cutouts
  • If a CAD or DXF file is available, we will need access to it. Otherwise, we need a drawing or other document detailing exact dimensions and details in order for us to create the LED panel.

After putting together your quote and finalizing your order, you will receive a sales order and a credit card authorization form. The sales order must be signed to indicate that everything is correct and that you agree to our terms and warranty conditions. Additionally, we need to receive payment before the order is placed into production. Your order will be produced and typically shipped in 7-10 business days. Freight is not charged until the day your order ships, since we do not know the final weight of the panels and crates.  

Do you help with installation?

We recommend that installation is done by a licensed contractor.  We are happy to offer suggestions.

Do you have recommendations for mounting panels?

We do not have any set recommendations, since each installation is different. We will be happy to suggest solutions that have been successful for other projects.

Do you offer design support?

Yes we do!

What is your lead time?

Most order ship out 7 to 10 business days after the order has been approved with customer signoff and payment has been received.

What are the best types of stone to backlight?

Since each individual stone has varying levels of opacity or translucence, we recommend that you test your stone for light transmittance and your desired appearance. Stones that have worked well for our clients in the past include onyx, agate, some types of marble, and quartz. You can see examples of a variety of stone types illuminated in our Project Gallery.

If the panels are not an exact fit, can you trim them at all to get them to fit?

No. That is the reason why we work with you to obtain the exact dimensions before production begins.

What is the lifetime of your LED light panels?

Our panels have a 50,000 hour lifetime

  • This life typically translates into 5-8 years of illumination if the panel is on constantly at the highest brightness level
  • After the 5-8 year full functionality, a panel will begin to "burnoff" gradually (it won’t suddenly dim noticeably)
  • The average person will not notice burnoff